Four boys and their music, the countryside, friends, instruments , equipment, practice, relax in the pool, fun and passion. This is the story of the week when the Big Mountain County worked on the pre-production of their first album. The reunion took place in the beautiful country house of one of their closest friend, in San Giovanni la Punta, just a few minutes from Catania, under the magnificent view of mount Etna and his awesome eruptions. Lots of friends came to visit the BMC during that week, those who have collaborated on the record like the folk duo Vincent Butter, the pianist Daniele Salamone and the violinist Alessio Toro, but also many others just stopped by and visited the guys. This photographic work tries to reproduce the psychedelic spirit of the band and his rock’n’roll living style , collecting all the emotions experienced in those days, through noice and silence, between sweat bodies and fresh air. A week of hard work but at the same time full of smiles and ideas that crossed between the amplifiers and the nature’s sounds. A wonderful story of music and friendship.


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