It is the story of a strong woman who prefers to be subjected to violence rather than giving up on her values. Her breasts are torn away but she does not give up and face martyrdom with her head up. Strong as strong are the people from Catania that carry within the infinity of the sea and the fire of the volcano.
S.Agata is all this, it is Catania and his people, it's don't give up and to continue with pride.
During one night the lava came down to the city, all the citizens escaped with their night clothes (u saccu) and prayed Agata to protect them and the city, they took her veil and put it in front of the lava. It's stopped. Tradition wants all devotees to dress the "saccu" to remember the event and carry with a rope the statue of the Saint's bust for all the city where inside are the relics and on the outside sticky of countless jewels donated over the centuries by the Catania nobility. The Devotees carry on their back big candles, bigger is their vote weigher will be the candle.

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGfNw4zC8k0

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